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The Mango Orchard Story

Are you Ready to Become a Farmer?

A farmer? I thought GameLife was a children’s leader training ministry?

GameLife teaches children through games and trains leaders through stories.  The “Mango Orchard Story” is a simple way to share the vision of growing children’s ministries and planting churches.

Mango Orchards = Churches

Farming Process = Church Planting

The first step in the farming process is “preparing the soil.”  The first step in the church planting process is “fasting & praying.”  

Fasting & Praying = Preparing the Soil

Please read the Mango Orchard Story and ask God to show you areas of growth in your “farming process/church planting.”  Also, please join us in #FastAndPrayMondays every week, where we seek the Lord to fulfill our calling to reach 2-billion-children every-year.

Every-child / Every-country / Every-year

The Mango Orchard Story

A starving-farmer needed to provide for his family; a good-friend told him to plant seeds in a nearby empty field. The starving-farmer had tried before and knew the soil was hard, and the seeds he had planted before did not grow! The good-friend explained to him that the hard soil needs to be broken and prepared before seeds can be planted. The good-friend then gave the starving-farmer a single seed, yes, just one mango seed!

The starving-farmer planted the seed, and slowly a small yet immature tree began to grow. Yet, it took a lot of time and care to keep the small tree healthy and growing. The starving-farmer almost gave up many times, but the good-friend encouraged the starving-farmer to nurture the young, immature tree and to be patient. Over time, the mature tree began to bear fruit, and the farmer was so joyful that he planted a Mango Orchard.

Soon, there was more fruit than the starving-farmer, and his family could eat, and each Mango fruit had a large seed on the inside. The now no-longer-starving-farmer felt a stir in his heart to share these seeds and how he became transformed into 1. A Soil Preparer, 2. A Seed Planter, 3. A Growth Nurturer, and now 4. A Fruit Multiplier to everyone he knew both near and far.

The Mango Orchard story is the foundation of
CFCP Children’s Focused Church Planting

1. Soil Preparer = Fast & Pray 

One would never plant a seed on concrete, in the same way,
one should never seek to minister (plant seeds) on unprepared soil.  If there is no fruit – one should go back and prepare the soil through fasting & prayer.
GameLife Strategy  #FastAndPray Mondays
Isaiah 58

2. Seed Planter = Share the Gospel

There are many tools to dig into the soil to plant a seed (Gospel).
Focus on the Gospel (seed).
GameLife Strategy  #CreationToChristHandMotions
John 3:16-17

3. Growth Nurturer = Discipleship through Bible Discovery

Making a disciple takes time. Making a disciple of a child, teen, youth,
or young adult takes even more time.  GameLife is fun and keeps children coming back every week, month after month, and year after year!
GameLife Strategy  #GameLife123
2 Timothy 3:16-17

4. Fruit Multiplier = Church Planter

Each believer is called to take the Salt & Light of Christ to their unique sphere of influence and to encourage everyone to be transformed into 1. A Soil Preparer, 2. A Seed Planter, 3. A Growth Nurturer, and now 4. A Fruit Multiplier to everyone he knew both near and far.
GameLife Strategy  #49Mountains
Matthew 28:18-20