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GameLife 123 provided a GameLife experiential-game lesson for each of The Prayer Covenant’s
ten-discipleship lessons.  Now, by God’s grace, everywhere The Prayer Covenant ministry goes GameLife goes as well. Currently, over 5 million children reached in 50 countries and counting.

The story below is a recent story from our ministry networking relationship with The Prayer Covenant

Story of the Lost Story…


by Tim Gillette, Kings Kids International (YWAM)

“How many have heard this story before?” 

I waited to see the hands go up. It was a large group of youth (about 100) from all over the surrounding mountains. We had coordinated with the local churches to offer a week of discipleship for the smaller, more rural village churches.

I waited.

I had just told the story of the Lost Sheep.

“How many have heard this story before?” I repeated, thinking they may not have understood my question.

Still, only a few hands went up. 

I looked at the back wall of the room. There hung a painting of a shepherd and his sheep.

We rephrased the question, concerned we might somehow be confusing them. It quickly became clear. Someone had failed to teach these children. Someone failed to share, to pass on these ancient stories; stories of God, His son, His love and passion. These children, these youth, were dry, parched soil, waiting for seeds of faith and hope…and rain.

The problem is not the children. They are so open, so willing…so eager to learn.

The problem is the leaders, the elders, the families. It’s not that they aren’t concerned. They are. They are troubled, apprehensive and uncertain. They feel completely inadequate to lead, teach, train their young ones. They are alarmed as their villages are impinged by aggressive, slick, tantalizing and well-financed media strategies, leaving pastors and staff feeling overwhelmed, defeated and discouraged.

They hope what so many other Christian parents do: Sunday School will save them. Somehow, some way, Sunday School will manage to detox, deconstruct and deprogram all cultural, moral and social influence vying for their children’s minds, affections and hearts. Of course, it can’t. They have abandoned their God-ordained authority and have lost the art of parenting; the art of discipleship. Their influence, hopes and legacy are pilfered by screens, clicks and bytes.

But praise God, the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations. His Name will be praised and will be exalted. 

Several months ago, we launched a series of trainings using the Prayer Covenant.

We first translated all the PC material into our local language, which for us was Chinese. 

Together with our mandate and passion to work intergenerationally and see youth, children and families released into ministry and missions, the Prayer Covenant material has been a great blessing. We set up training for parents, church leaders and youth. We incorporated the material into our Discipleship and Outreach Training Camps. 

We are inviting the generations to learn and work together, to serve, encourage and challenge one another. Pastors see their church leaders catching the vision. Parents feel encouraged and equipped, and the youth engage in leadership, while looking to the older for guidance and support. They are learning to link the generations.