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The Baton Rouge Project

Flashback – early 2019 – GameLife trained leaders from SportQuest how to use GameLife.  What we found out next was truly a “God Moment” 

GameLife Training opens many ministry doors.  2019 marked the 7th straight year that SportQuest partnered with community organizations and churches in the Gardere neighborhood of Baton Rouge, Louisiana to host a multi-sport camp for kids ages 6-18.  A team of 19 athletes and leaders from 7 different states (not to mention 1 from Belgium!) came together to serve the Gardere community and invest in youth and families. Despite soaring temperatures and sweltering humidity, over 120 kids participated in the sport camp.  In the afternoon, SQ coaches offered skill development for teenagers who wanted some personalized coaching in basketball, football, baseball, and soccer.  In the evening, kids ages 6-18 were invited to enjoy fun games and participate in soccer, basketball, football, dance, and KidsGames.

Most of these kids have very few opportunities to attend other sports camps or any kind of special activity in their city because they lack transportation or funds to attend.  So when SportQuest offers a free sport camp right in their neighborhood, it’s a big deal!  Not only do these kids have a blast playing and learning sports, but they really engaged with the Gospel.  The SQ team used a tool called GameLife 123 that integrates fun, physical activity with spiritual truths.  GameLife 123 includes a game each day that illustrates the biblical theme of the day and provides an interactive way for kids to learn the Gospel story as well as small groups to discuss the Bible story of the day.  It was so exciting to see many of these kids take some big steps forward in their spiritual journey! 

On the last night of camp, the campers competed in their sport, and then the SQ team gave out their Playing With Purpose awards to the kids who best exemplified the PWP values.  SQ coaches continued sharing the Gospel in small groups using GameLife 123, and then the SQ team served a meal to the campers and their families.  It was very apparent how appreciative the Gardere community was for the way the SportQuest team served and invested in these youth and families.  The SportQuest Baton Rouge project is making a significant impact in this community — one child, one teenager, and one family at a time.