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Veronica loves God, loves God’s word, and she loves her Hebrew language students.  She speaks five languages (two of the five languages are the world’s most difficult languages: Mandarin and Cantonese with over 3500 letters/characters) Hebrew only has 22 letters, Veronica will quickly have you reading Hebrew and growing closer to God as you see how the Old Testament is a beautiful picture pointing to Jesus Christ our Savior!

Biblical Hebrew

21 Lessons of 2 Hours each / over 5 Months

Biblical Hebrew taught by Veronica Ng brings the Bible alive in new and exciting ways.  Did you know the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is called Alef and Alef means “first, leader, strength.”  Knowing the meaning of the letters opens a richness to every word in the Old Testament!  Veronica’s students often go from doubting they could learn Hebrew to loving the study of God’s perfect love letters in a whole new way that leads to a joyful life transformation!

Veronica’s friendly joy filled personality adds enjoyment to every class.  Fun interactive-games, songs, and even crafts for reinforcement make the lessons feel more like a fun time with new friends rather than a boring lecture hall.  Every class has a review and recap so every student can easily start to learn the basics of Biblical Hebrew.

Level - Hebrew for Beginners

Perfect for those that have never studied Hebrew. Students quickly learn the basics: all 22 Hebrew letters and proper pronounciation that leads to basic reading skills.

Spring Session Starts April 28th / Every Wednesday UTC +8

Wednesdays 9:30 am to 11:30 am (UTC +8). Online Zoom classes make the lessons very convenient.  Students see the lesson powerpoints, actively engage in each lesson through the chat feature and students are encouraged to ask questions.


Biblical Hebrew: Course Offerings

Hebrew: Beginners Level 

Every Wednesday / Class is Full

21 week course

Learn the Hebrew alphabet, correct pronunciation of consonants and Hebrew vowels (unique to Hebrew).  Learn to read Hebrew with practice time in every lesson to assure mastery.  Certificate of completion available.

 $280   $199 USD

Hebrew: Beginners Level
NEW – Register Now – Coming Soon
Fall 2022

Every Thursday / Time UTC+8

21 week course

Learn the Hebrew alphabet, correct pronunciation of consonants and Hebrew vowels (unique to Hebrew).  Learn to read Hebrew with practice time in every lesson to assure mastery.  Certificate of completion available.

 $280 USD

Hebrew: Lower Intermediate

Every Monday / Class is Full

21 week course

Building on the strong foundation from
the Beginners Level.  Students will learn
Hebrew verbs, grammar rules, and more.  Certificate of completion available.


 $300   $229 USD

Hebrew: Higher Intermediate

Every Monday / Class is Full

21 week course

Continuing to build your Hebrew language skills.  Learn language rules and more.  Certificate of completion available.   Contact Veronica if you have additional questions.


 $320   $239 USD


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Discover God's Perfect Love Letter for You!

God has written a perfect love letter just for you, discover what has been hidden in plain site. 


Learn Biblical Hebrew in a Joy-filled Environment

Veronica has the gifting to make Biblical Hebrew easy to understand and turn a classroom into a living room of friends.


Better Understanding = Better Love

The more you understand God’s love for you the more inspired you will be to love others.


Be Equipped to Help Others Understand the Bible

When you understand Biblical Hebrew you will be more confident to help others understand God’s truth and God’s love.


Private Hebrew Course Offerings

For Individuals (women only)

7 week classes

Need some one-on-one instruction time to catch up?  Do you learn better with personalized instruction?  Looking for a mentor and a friend, this class is for you.

For Kids

7 week classes

New “Hebrew for Children” coming soon.  Fun songs and games are one of the best ways to learn  about God.  Let’s train our children today to love God and love others.  

For Married Couples

7 week classes

Looking for a unique “date night” with your spouse?  Want to pray for and with one another? Do you learn better with personalized instruction?  This class is for you. 


What Veronica’s Students are Saying

The thought of studying Hebrew never crossed my mind even though at times I struggled with the meaning of the text from the Bible & can only rely on the translation.

I was very excited when I was approached to study Hebrew n the preview left me with no doubt that I know so little about my God & His story.

Morah Veron has put in a lot of thought & effort to help us learn n appreciate the beauty of the Hebrew language. Her unorthodox methods of story telling, games & puzzles made the lessons come alive! Not forgetting the drills to recap & to read the prayers n Psalms can be torturing at times but I looked forward to each week’s lesson with great anticipation. 

She has managed to rub off her passion for the language on me & has certainly awakened the desire to know more. Morah Veron has definitely achieved what she set out to do ie to teach us to write n read but more than that has left me with an awe of our loving God!

Ong Kim Sim

Group Leader – Bible Study, PJ, Malaysia

I have the privilege to be receiving Hebrew teaching from Morah Veronica Ng. She is an excellent teacher who gives clear and easy to follow instructions. Her use of technology during the Zoom class is very helpful. It doesn’t feel as if there is any distance between teacher and student. She manages to make the class personal, relevant and interesting. She involves everyone in the class and our learning is especially enhanced by her excellent notes and clear guidance. She is exceptionally knowledgeable on the topic of the Hebrew language, but also the Bible itself. Her storytelling during class keep her students engaged. I have learned as much of the Bible as I have of the Hebrew language in her class. I can highly recommend Morah Veron as Hebrew and Bible teacher.

Loma Steynberg

Coordinator: Oasis Women’s Bible ministry, KL, Malaysia

What I value most about Veronica’s teaching is that she is extremely passionate about the Hebrew language and sharing it with as many people as possible. Due to her dedication, her classes are not cookie-cutter classes but knowledge-filled lessons where she shares insight and revelation gleaned through years of painstaking research that is not taught anywhere else.

Veronica’s teaching has opened my eyes to the depth and complexity of this unique language that is unlike any other. It has educated and empowered me to explore the things that God has hidden in the bible that are revealed only through a complete understanding of the language.

Through Veron’s lessons, I have discovered how loaded every word in the bible is and how important it is to use the right words because through our words we can create, restore, heal, give life, etc. There are so many fascinating things to discover about Hebrew and my journey has only just begun!

Boey Ping Ping

English writer – Malaysia

Morah Veronica is a woman of God who loves digging diligently into the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible, and passionately sharing all that she has studied and discovered, to others who cross her path, namely me, a student in her Hebrew language beginner class which started in late August 2020.

When I first took up the challenge to join her beginners’ class, I wasn’t sure whether I will be able to cope with this totally new, unfamiliar sacred language which to me, is of an exceptionally high learning standard, God’s holy language, not to be taken lightly.

However, as each week’s lesson started rolling, I began to find myself getting more engrossed & engaged in her teaching, not because I am a fast or eager learner but more because she was very patient in guiding and helping us to learn at our own pace, not rushing or pushing us, only kept revising with us until we fully grasped the spiritual understanding of God’s holy language without daunting.

As such, I find learning under her tutelage thus far has been very promising & productive whereby I can now confidently read Hebrew words within a short span of time, even though there are still much more higher & deeper level of learning yet to be taught in the course of time, I have no qualms that my Morah will do her very best to guide us through it all. 

L. Khim


When I came across the study of Wisdom & Folly in the book of Solomon, “I was asked who in my life regularly depends on God and shares God’s gifts to them with other, and what do I observe about their attitudes towards giving.”

I choose my Morah Veronica..who answered God’s calling to share her knowledge of His beautiful language to those who seek Him.  Her dedication to her students, sacrificing her time and  energy in teaching, her patience and love shows in her guidance. By repeating constantly in ensuring her students understand always exceeds her lesson time. Her bottomless well in providing water quenches her students never-ending thirst. Morah, your wisdom and advice given is way beyond your years. Thank you Morah.

Paulynn Lee

Mum, PJ, Malaysia

Why I want to learn the Hebrew language 

I was so excited when Veron told me she could read and understand the Hebrew language and could even teach it. Hebrew is God’s holy language, and this is the language I wanted to learned. 

I was so excited and on fire. Learning Biblical Hebrew deepened my understanding of God’s Word and I discovered new things and hidden treasures in the Bible. I’m so glad that God sent Veron to me as she helped open my spiritual eyes, ears and heart to learn His holy language.

Thank you, Veron, for spending time to teach me Hebrew and for being patient with me when I was slow to understand and for encouraging me when I was slow to learn. Thank you for your love for God and for me.

Beatrice Lai

Mum and housewife – Southeast Asia

Having read the Bible only in English, I never realized there was so much more to God’s Word until I enrolled in Veronica’s Biblical Hebrew class. 

She opened my eyes to a level of deeper understanding of what God is telling us, not just through learning to read, write and understand Hebrew, but also through stories about God that the English Bible was unable to include for the sake of succinct brevity. 

God is wise and fascinating, and knowing Hebrew has helped me enjoy reading the Bible with new eyes.

An eye opener. Privileged to know His holy words. So enriching.. Love Him more as we know him more.

Low Lee Kim

Artist – Malaysia

I must admit that I am overflowing in the Hebrew language, really mind explosion, it’s like searching all the precious stones hidden in the rocks! So much hidden gems ! That was not the reason I joined the class. The main reason I wanted to learn Hebrew language was because it’s God’s communication language to His people and when translated into English, they might have lost some of its meaning or even out of contexts.

I am truly blessed that I have this blessed time to learn from you. You are so passionate in God’s language, so insightful, so determined & enthusiast to teach God’s language to us, so dedicated to your calling, so patient with us and knowing the best way to teach & guide us.  I am really enjoying myself and always so excited in looking forward to all the classes. Hopefully by the grace of God & the help of the Holy Spirit I would be able to learn

more & in-depth. 

But sometimes a bit of frustrating of myself as I am very lousy in memorising and remembering yet I found myself very encouraged & satisfied to be able to recite the Lord’s Prayer & Aaronic blessings & understanding the actual meaning within such a short period of learning. So grateful to have you as our Morah (teacher). Thank you so much. Appreciate you.

Vivien Chee

Holy Land tour organiser – Malaysia

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Date : Wednesday 21st April

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9:25 am Zoom open for entry 


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Veronica’s Credentials:

Qualifications to teach
Biblical Hebrew

Veronica Speaks 5 languages!

Two of the five languages are the world’s most difficult languages: Mandarin and Cantonese with over 3500 letters/characters.  Hebrew only has 22 letters, Veronica will have you mastering those
22 Hebrew letters in no time.  

Veronica Ng has earned degrees, and is still pursuing her studies.

For over a decade, she has been been high ranking scholar of Hebrew, and has been a diligent student of the Bible since childhood. Her journey in searching for origin of the world and mankind led her to God’s Holy Word.  Veronica loves teaching and sharing God’s truth with other like-minded people, and offers wisdom from the Bible to those who are searching for a more intimate walk with our
Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.


Besides her Hebrew studies, Veronica has worked for over 20 years in the entertainment industry with experience in movie and documentary productions  – including a short time with Disney.

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