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Children's Discipleship

Helping families build a strong spiritual foundation into the lives of their children
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Be Inspired!
New to working with Children? You will discover why Children's Ministry is the most strategic ministry within the church.

Already working with Children? Your calling will be refreshed and renewed!
Be Equipped!
We all agree children need the Bible, but what is the most effective method to teach children?  Discover the teaching method used by God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Children learn best through discovery!

Be Challenged!
Did you know every Christian will be asked a question that may sound like this "What did you do with the gifts that I gave you that I entrusted to your care?"

You may be a disciple, yet are you fulfilling Christ's Great Command to make disciples Matthew 28:18-20

Do you know the relationship of Christ Great Command and God's Greatest Strategy?
Matthew 28:18-20 & Deuteronomy 6:7

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Inspiration and Equipping
Wednesday 9:00 am Malaysia Standard Time
9:00 AM MYT Malaysia Standard Time (Wednesday)

(8:00 PM US EST Eastern Standard Time (Tue.)

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Pastor D.J. loves God, loves God's word, and loves inspiring Christians to fulfill their calling.  A former athletic coach before God called into full-time ministry, D.J. served as a Senior Pastor until he received a "higher calling" to serve as a Children's Pastor ~ and now serves as founder and CEO of 49 Mountains Academy. 
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