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D.J. & Veronica


Engaged Valentines Day 2021, even though separated by an ocean, D.J. & Veronica met through a series of divine appointments and answered prayers (all in the midst of the worldwide pandemic of 2020).   Their personal stories of heartbreak, loss and struggles through the valley and then God’s gracious redemption story will bring joy and hope to all.

Exercising Kingdom Gifts in the 21st Century is more vital now than possibly any time in history.  “Blessed to be a blessing” is a common saying, yet many do not know how to be blessing in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile towards Christians. 


OUR speaking topic

Kingdom Gifts & The Marriage Relationship: The enemy of God’s Kingdom will go to great lengths to prevent God’s children from understanding and using their Kingdom Gifts.  Learn simple steps to discover your Kingdom Gifts and be inspired to use your gifts in harmony with with the body of Christ. 

Kingdom Gifts when united can become a powerful tool when yielded to God’s will and willfully & joyfully placed into the Master Potter’s Hands (Genesis 2:7, Isaiah 64:8, 2 Timothy 2:20-21).  Seeking to be “living sacrifices” as described in Romans 12:1 both Pastor D.J. and Veronica  desire to be set apart for God’s redeeming work.


OUR Story

D.J. was a tennis coach, Veronica was involved in the broadcasting industry.  D.J. lived in the US, Veronica lived in Malaysia.  Both married with visions of remaining married for decades like their parents (Veronica’s parents were married for almost 50 years before her father passed.  D.J.’s parents are both living and recently celebrated their 70th anniversary!) Sadly and unexpectedly D.J. & Veronica experienced profound disappointment, pain, and grief. 

Veronica poured her broken heart into seeking a deeper understanding of the life of Jesus and fully focused her time studying the Bible at a Bible school.  Learning Biblical Hebrew and beginning to read the Old Testament in its original language allowed her to fall in love with Jesus, her first love, all over again.  

D.J. moved from the very “worldly lifestyle of California” and began to focus on online missionary service and the development of 49 Mountains Academy to help equip believers to understand and exercise their Kingdom Gifts to build up the body of Christ. 

Hear how God brought D.J. and Veronica together, their ongoing study and sincere reflection on the marriage passages in 1 Corinthians 7, and their passion equip and train believers to take the Salt & Light of Jesus to all 49 Mountains.   



Pastor D.J. & Veronica

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