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Veronica Ng

Veronica is an experienced Biblical Hebrew teacher, trained through various Hebrew language training centers.  

Veronica’s topics

God’s Perfect Love Letters
Veronica’s inspiring introduction to studying Biblical Hebrew.  This can be used to introduce a congregation or a group to the importance of studying Biblical Hebrew.  (Veronica teaches Biblical Hebrew online with new classes starting each Spring and Fall).  Be inspired as Psalm 91 is opened up and revealed as the place of hope for the those in despair and a place of empowering for those seeking to live a bright live in a dark world. 

The Blessing of Kingdom Gifts
Kingdom Gifts when united can become a powerful tool when yielded to God’s will & joyfully placed into the Master Potter’s Hands (Genesis 2:7, Isaiah 64:8, 2 Timothy 2:20-21).  

Veronica opens up the Old Testament truths with a thorough understanding of the Hebrew language.  Kingdom Gifts are a gift from God from the very beginning and the enemy has sought to destroy the joy of fulfilling work.  Be inspired and challenged to see work in a new light – One’s work is an expression of love and worship to God the father our creator.

The 21st Century Wife: Broken to become a Blessing (for Women’s groups only)
Veronica reveals the role of the modern wife as a lover, as a friend, and as a helpmate.  Through true stories,  humorous stories, and biblical insights from the language of the Old Testament Veronica reveals the power of living in harmony with and for one’s husband.

Seeking to be a “living sacrifice” as described in Romans 12:1 Veronica serves as a helpmate by faithfully exercising her Kingdom Gifts.  Both Veronica and her fiancé Pastor D.J. desire to be set apart for God’s redeeming work. 


My Story

By God’s grace, I was blessed to be born and raised in Malaysia, a country that is multi-racial and multilingual – a beautiful tapestry of color.  I grew up amidst a wonderful fusion of cultures which provided a wonderful diversity of expressions to enrich my life. At the age of 6, I was already having vibrant conversations in 5 languages and blessed to be exposed to customs, beliefs and lifestyles of multiple communities. My dad loved music and entertainment so I was able to experience musical performance from a very young age. Before God called to full time ministry service I served in the broadcasting industry and was graced to win several industry awards. 

While studying the Hebrew language I fell even deeper in love with God.  The Old Testament is a beautiful reflection of God’s character and reveals clear signposts each pointing to God’s son Jesus is the promised messiah as revealed in each of God’s covenants (Genesis 3:15, Genesis 15, and 2 Samuel 7).   By God’s grace, I teach Biblical Hebrew and serve on the executive leadership team of 49 Mountains Academy.

I am looking forward to sharing with you the blessings in God’s Holy Word. 

Veronica Ng


Thank you Lord for using teacher Veronica to show me the following life lessons: I see your patience & perseverance to plow & plant, where there (are) pebbles, you dig (them) out; where there’s need of water, you shower it; where you see the plant seems to be not thriving, you find ways to spur its growth. God has used this journey with you to affirm (my) journey (in) ministry to continue with HIS LOVE and how to continue to walk IN (HIS LOVE) & WITH HIS LOVE regardless (of) the conditions, situations, discouragement(s) & challenges that come our ways. Blessings

– Jenny Yong

She (Veronica) is exceptionally knowledgeable on the topic of the Hebrew language, but also the Bible itself. Her storytelling during class keep her students engaged. I have learned as much of the Bible as I have of the Hebrew language in her class. I can highly recommend Morah Veron as Hebrew and Bible teacher.

– Loma Steynberg


Proverbs 31:25-26

“Strength and dignity are her clothing, and
she laughs at the time to come.   
She opens her mouth with wisdom, and
the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.”

Veronica’s Book

God's Perfect Love Letters: Hebrew for Beginners (available on Kindle soon)